Items labelled as 'fair trade' have been certified by international bodies including Fairtrade International (FLO) and the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), or sourced from suppliers approved by the British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS). Buying from approved sources means that you can be confident that your purchase really is making a difference to the lives of farmers and craftspeople.

We do occasionally deal directly with small producers who cannot afford the expense of certification. In these cases we of course build up a relationship of trust, and perform our own checks.  Any item without official fair trade certification will be labelled as such in the description.


Wherever possible we offer organic produce.  Anything listed as organic has been officially certified by the Soil Association, or a similar body.


In our bricks & mortar shop, and in our online shop we sell ONLY vegetarian or vegan products.  This is very important to us as a company.  The vast majority of our products are vegan, although we do sell some fairly-traded gifts which include leather, silk or feathers, and a few non-vegan food items such as Divine chocolate and fair trade honey. If an item is not vegan it will be appropriately labelled.


We thoroughly research all of our suppliers and can confirm that all of our cosmetics, perfumes and household range are from certified cruelty-free companies. This means NO animal testing, and in most cases no animal ingredients.  Any animal ingredients will be clearly labelled.


We make a conscious effort not only to recycle as a company, but also to buy from suppliers with a similar ethos regarding packaging.  We also select on various criteria including biodegradability, food miles, and the use of sustainable (or preferably none at all!) palm oil.


Our preference is to support small producers, workers' cooperatives, charitable and social organisations and independent companies. We also firmly believe that 'fair trade' begins at home by supporting fellow local independent traders and tradespeople.

We are always looking to improve our ethical credentials even further.  Any suggestions or questions are welcome @ worldofdifference@btinternet.com